Translation Services FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about our services in Arabic language Translation and more. Click on the question that interests you to read the answer. If your question hasn’t been answered here contact us! We’ll be happy to clarify any mystery within our knowledge and powers.

1- Do I need “notarization” of your translation?
We can have our translation notarized by an authorized Malaysian. Notary public upon your request at an additional cost. Please remember that most of Immigration does not require notarization.

2- How long does it take to translate a document?
In general, we ask for three days for translating your documents and emailing your translation the translated copy. However, we can do it within a couple of days in urgent cases.

3- Do you work on weekends?
We work on most weekends to assist our clients who need their documents translated as soon as possible.

4- How much do you charge for your translation services?
For short and immigration documents: Translation and certification fee by number of document. For large documents and texts: Translation fee by the number of words. Base for establishing a translation fee: Practically all translators in the United States charge a rate per word. However, translators Europe and other countries go by the number of lines or characters. Get your free Quote now

5- Do you charge different fees for the same language?
Yes. I do not have a general rate for any subject or type of document. Translation fee varies according to the following factors:

– Subject matter (business, legal, technical, medical, scientific, etc.)
– Volume or length of the material to be translated. Lower rates apply if you have more words or pages for translation.
– Time-frame, turnaround time, or urgency: higher fees may apply if you have an urgent translation need depending on if it is one a weekend or holiday, etc.

6- How can I know the number of words?
If your text is in electronic format (in a word processor, spreadsheet, PowerPoint, etc.), you can use the word count utility of your software. For instance, in Microsoft Word, click on Word Count listed under Tools when you have your text on the screen. You can get the number of words and characters counted automatically.

7- Do I pay the same fee for translations from and into English language, both ways?
No. In most cases, translation fees may not be the same as it is from a certain language. For instance, the fee for translating from Arabic into English is different from translating from English into Arabic.

First, the number of words in the target language is not the same. The number of words increases from 10 to 35 percent in the target language. Obviously, it is the number of translated words that reflect the translation efforts involved. Second, the number of words is different due to use of symbols and characters that mean more than one letter in languages such as Arabic, , and Arabic to name few. Third, typing in languages with accent marks and symbols (character-based languages) slows down the translation process.

Ultimately, it is the time spent for the translation that counts in addition to the additional efforts made

8- Do you use machine translation?
We do not use machine translation or software that translates documents between the two languages. We use only human translators for your translation needs. We do not know of any machine or software that can translate better than a professional human translator can. Machines and software programs cannot translate your texts by taking into consideration the cultural differences, dialects, and updated terms.

Humor is another example that can only be translated by human translators who are up to date in the native language. Human translation takes into consideration all features of a language including morphology creating meaning from each piece of words in the structural), syntax (sentence structure), semantics (intended meaning), and all other linguistic knowledge.
Human translators reflect their years of knowledge, experience, and unique, native language capabilities to give you the meaning of the written words.

I can say ,as a professional English <> Arabic translator that We pick up the right words by relying on their mastery of both (source and target) languages and their deep understanding of their specialized fields and the cultural and linguistic differences.

9- How about confidentiality of my documents?
Your documents are always handled in a confidential manner. The content of your document is not disclosed to anybody by any mean.

10-What is localization?
Localization is a process during which a web site or software is translated into a different language in the same format (same buttons, navigation structure, and features) and by taking into consideration the local, cultural needs.

11-Can I get an invoice if I need it for reimbursement or any other reason?
Yes, We can provide you with an invoice for the payment that you made for Our translation service. Our signature carries a scanned signature and can be printed for your files.